Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our fancy night at The Restaurant at Meadowood.

This is a thank you post to all our new wonderful friends at
for a fabulous dinner last night. We had the Chef's tasting menu in which Chef Christopher Kostow didn't let us down. He took us on a wonderful food adventure. Mine and Kevin's pallet were challenged. Some of the dishes we ate were: cured horse Mackerel with green grapes, cherry tomatoes, sorbet of our verjus; foie grad "stump" with pear, parsnip, pistachio moss; squab lacquered in sorghum with garden carrots, coffee and dried habanero. Along with many others. There were also chefs bites at the beginning of the meal which were a great surprise. My favorite was the pre-dessert, dessert, then after dessert bites. mmmmmm :) Did I mention the lobster. I was never a fan, but I'll eat the lobster by Chef Chris any time I get a chance!
It was a wonderful night, with no kids, a great husband, delicious food, friendly servers, soothing atmosphere, impeccable attention to detail, and making us feel VIP.

This is kevin and I on our 5th course, the Squab. The bartender was even so kind to make us our own drinks because we don't drink alcohol. This one was my favorite. It was ginger ale, sparkling water, and lemon with apple.

Our menu is below. They gave me a copy when we left. I think because I had mentioned something about how was  I going to remember and brag about all the wonderful food I had tonight. You know - prego mind. Plus all this food!

 I felt a little silly taking pictures of all our beautiful food. Honestly, it  was the most beautiful presentation I have ever seen!! So, I "borrowed" some pictures off their web sight to show you.

See I told you.
Once again thank you Nathaniel for the invite and everyone else at Meadowood for an amazing night to remember! If you are ever in the Napa Valley keep The Restaurant at Meadowood on your list. 
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