Tuesday, June 4, 2013

welcome back from running a muck :)

Hi again friends. I have been gone for a while. Life just got a tad crazy there so I decided to just wipe the slate clean of anything extra and focus on just the most important issues. My family and my kids. !! Don't worry i also made some time for me as well. 
As you can see by my last post i was gearing up to do a scary 5k. Well a year later i have to say i am pretty darn proud of myself. i did 2 color runs  a yountville 5k run  and then a 
half marathon about 2 weeks ago. i am considering another half or maybe a tri......? 

i could not have do with out my friends and family motivating me and my wonderful kids who did such a great job sitting in the stroller everyday while i ran. thank you to all the love and support. this was a big bucket list check off!! 

it was quite an adventure and i learned alot. 

Kevin and I ( mostly I) have also become consultants on our new favorite bakeware call demarle at home. we are in love with this healthy easy clean bake wear. its the makers of the wonderful silpat. but more for the next post. 

love always, 
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