Monday, December 5, 2011

dress up your holiday treats

Here are some great tips on how to dress up your holiday treats to look fabulous. All you need is your favorite treats, or store bought (one less thing to check off your list :) ), scrapbook or wrapping paper and household containers. 

Snow globe 
 Add left over halloween candy corn and chocolate chips to powdered donuts. 
 Turn over white paper plate and add paper. Cover with clear wrap. 

Pop popcorn and add holiday colored chocolate candy. 
Find a cute envelope and address to your dearest friends. 

Love you brownies 
Bake up your favorite brownie recipe. 
Place in a cupcake wrapper. Cut out any holiday shape in holiday paper and add a bow. 
* a variety of treats can be place in cupcake wrappers. - breads, cookies, nuts ect...... 

Below are some other creative ways to dress up your holiday treats. These were found in 
Better Homes and Garden Magazine 

Add a bow and colored paper to a egg carton and fill 

Cover a paper towel tube, or pringles tube add a ribbon and fill. 

Do you have any other fun way to dress up your treats. Please share. 

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