Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where Do WE EAT

We get asked all the time for food recommendation in Napa- I have a hard time because there are so many wonderful places to eat- with a variety on budget, location , and style.
We are going to comprise a list for you of the places that we love.

Alix's top choices 
Breakfast- Napa General Store - Corn Meal pancakes
 click here for a more detailed review from us 
here for their menu and hours

Lunch- Azzurro Pizzeria- Caesar Manciata - a grilled flat  bread with cheese and caesar salad that you fold in half and eat like a sandwich
click here for menu and hours 

Dinner- Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen - Cindy has a handful of restaurants in town but this is my favorite its quaint and has great atmosphere and I have loved everything I have ever gotten from there. I love the Hanger Steak with the Avocado & Papaya salad
click here for menu and hours 

Dessert - Rutherford Grill - Oreo cookie ice cream sandwich - phenomenal
click here for menu and hours 

Bread- Vallergas Market - They have a wide variety but I can't decide if I like the Acme or Bouchon Bread better.  click here for hours 

A little treat - Bouchon Bakery - Bouchon Bakery's Ho-Ho. An upscale and much larger version on the Hostesses Ho-Ho  click here for hours  Pin It


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