Monday, May 14, 2012

Review - Napa General Store

For mother's day I took my mom to breakfast in Napa. We tried some place new - 
 Napa General Store.
 I got the cornmeal pancakes. I took a few bites and said,  "I have to tell everyone about this place". Thus the picture has a few bites in it. 
The Napa General Store is an eclectic store on the napa river in downtown. If you walk through the store  the back patio has a few quaint tables and a peaceful atmosphere.  
The cornmeal pancakes - they were delicious and a nice change to normal thick pancakes. I am on a mission to make these myself. --- my new mission...
My mom got the brioche French toast- it was a tad soggy :( 
We also got the hot cocoa which was rich and deliciousness. Yes I did say deliciousness.
We saw some chocolate filled beignets pass and they looked very very good but we were stuffed.
I have not had their lunch menu but I now know my next lunch spot. Look out Napa General Store we are fast becoming BFF's 

Napa General Store 
540 MAIN STREET #100 
NAPA, CA 94559 

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