Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why I blog

blog why, why you ask me? (yoda voice) 
picture from our first date - its in our bathroom and has a lot of water damage 
Recently I have been questioning why do I/we blog???
 Blogging is stressful and just one more thing to remember on our already hectic and busy lives here at the cali cooking couple household. Kevin and I decided to do a blog because we needed a goal and project to do together. I think every couple should always have a common goal they are doing together. It is amazing how our lives can be spent together but yet also so far apart.  On this quest to thinking of what we could do i realized that we found ourselves in the kitchen together every night. Just like we had done on our first date. 
Cooking was a passion that Kevin had. I had a desire to eat. I also thought that if this is something that I get to do every night, I want to be good at it. I was going to wear the suit to get the job. Thus our blog was born. Over the past few months our posts have become less frequent and i have been frustrated about how to market and get our name out there. How to share our love with all of you. 
But..........  recently  i took a step back and remembered why. AND NOW I must say I am so proud of myself. Ourselves. We might not look like a top blogger who has the followers or the stats or even is very consistent with their posts- but we are a much happier couple. Who has grown a ton from this blog. It is doing what it was intended to do. 
So kevin I love you and I love that we have been sharing this adventure together. This has brought me 100 times the amount of blessings that I thought it would, or ever could.
We hope that you can bring the joy of food into your lives and that you can also go after your dreams but to always remember to keep in perspective the big picture. 
and yes more recipes are coming..... we are still eating yummy and taking pictures, but my babies are louder {and cuter} than the blog about tending to them. :) 

Lots of love - 
cali cooking couple 
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