Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Best ice Cream in the Us- Food and Wine Magazine

Well we gave you the best burgers and now it's time for 
ICE CREAM --- we have three near by. 
I have already been to one. It always excites me when I find a place and then later learn that others love it as much as I do. 

In no particular order

1. San Rafael, Ca Three Twins Organic Ice Cream - The whole store is very earth friendly and they use a splash of  balsamic vinegar on those strawberries. I have tried the trick and it does sweeten them up.
click here for more info 

2. Berkeley, Ca- Ici Ice Cream -  a pastry chef making ice cream cones.. I think I am going to scream for ice cream
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3. San Francisco, CA- Bi-Rite Creamery - YES YES YES I love this place. Food and Wine suggest the Salted Carmel but I love the Sam's Sunday. it's fun, it's funky, and... can try all the flavors and on a real spoon.
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click here for MY review of bi-rite 

and for our family and to represent Kevin's home state
Seattle- Molly Moon Ice Cream - I think we will check this out when we go play there this summer
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congrats to all out local friends. click here to see a full review and see if you have any favorites near you 

and if you are looking for burgers click here 

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