Friday, January 6, 2012

{review} Squeeze Inn Hamburger

Have a craving for a delicious classic hamburger?

 I did. I was down in Napa today and decided to try Squeeze Inn Hamburger. I had heard great reviews and Kevin had been trying to get me to go for some time. Side note: I am very picky about my burgers. Will not eat fast food burgers. It has to be the best to be eaten by me. No medium quality. A couple years ago I went to the Build a Better Burger contest on food network and these burgers hold their own.

Squeeze Inn delivered. It was delicious. Better than five guys who has soggy buns. Their buns were fluffy yet also grilled which gave it a little crunch. The meat was hearty juicy and delicious!!!
The French fries are also fresh. Better than In and Out.
I am a big fan.
Squeeze Inn has multiple locations. 
 Napa - 3383 Solano ave in the redwood shopping center.
And now just opened in Vacaville -
211 Peabody rd ste f

I highly recommend. Check it out. Next time your travels take you to napa don't think twice about stamping Squeeze Inn Hamburger in your travel passport.


Let us know how your experience was. 

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