Monday, November 14, 2011

quick treats to match any party

Having a party and you want your food to match the theme? 
We have some quick and easy solutions for you.  Creative Juice threw a Rock star Potty Party with the colors pink, blue and white. Here is how we helped her out.

Photo property of  creative juice and M Starr Photography 
Fork Drizzled Pretzels 
  1. Take pretzels and dip them in white chocolate or buy them already dipped. 
  2.  Buy or make frosting to the color that you need. Place amount into bowl and heat in the microwave for 5-10 seconds till semi-melty. 
  3.  Lay pretzels out on cookie sheet
  4.  Fork drizzle colored frosting over 
  5.  Let dry 

Multi Colored Yogurt Parfait. 
Since the party was for younger children I wanted to give them a healthy treat. As I was searching my kitchen for the right blue and pink I came upon go-gurt. The perfect colors. We layered the colors and added coconut on the top. But our homemade granola was pretty tasty with it also. Yogurt comes in many different colors so you could adapt this idea to any party theme.

Popcorn Cups. 
The party needed a touch of white and popcorn is one of my favorite white foods. Its easy to just throw a batch on the stove.

  1.  Turn stove heat to medium- high
  2.  Cover the bottom of your pot with oil
  3.  Add 1-2 T butter
  4.  Cover the bottom of the pot with popcorn seeds.
  5.  Cover with lid, shake occasionally and wait till you hear popping. Crack the lid and wait til you hear no more popping and your popcorn is done. 
  6.  Remove from heat and place in bowl. Add salt and butter to taste.

To glam up your popcorn for a more grownup party make Rosemary Infused Popcorn

  1.  Heat up pot with olive oil and a sprig or two of rosemary
  2.  Let it heat for a few minutes to infuse the flavor.
  3.  Remove 1/2 c - 1c of oil and the sprigs.
  4.  Add popcorn seeds and cook.
  5. Pour the removed rosemary oil over finished popcorn and enjoy.

- your guest will know that it tastes different but will have a hard time guessing your new secret ingredient.

Hope these three ideas will help you make an impressive themed party. Sometimes you just have to start diving through your pantry and think outside of the box.

Thanks to AMY Atlas Features for showing this wonderful party we got to cook for Pin It


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